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    Sinoboom Articulating Boom Lift includes diesel-driven lift and motor-driven lift. The boom is foldable in multi-stage, so the lift is very flexible and convenient in operation; it is able to stride some barriers and work at several points without moving around all time. It is of wide operating range, high efficiency and large load capacity. Many technical innovations are incorporated in designing, so that the product boasts high-level safety, reliability and operability. Articulating Boom Lift is widely used for plant installation and maintenance (warehouse installation), venue construction and maintenance, construction engineering, large-scale warehousing, aviation and space industry, airport and harbor, urban utilities and gardening, curtain wall engineering, etc.
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Product Working Height Loadbearing Gradeability
GTZZ25J 87 ft (26.6 m) 507 lbs (230 kg) 45%
GTZZ18J 66 ft (20.4 m) 551 lbs (250 kg) 40%
GTZZ15J 55 ft (17 m) 551 lbs (250 kg) 30%(2WD) 40%(4WD)
GTZZ15 55 ft (16.8 m) 551 lbs (250 kg) 30%(2WD) 40%(4WD)
GTZZ14EJ 51 ft (15.7 m) 500 lbs (227 kg) 30%