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    GTSZ30J Spider Lift is compact for storage, light in weight and easy to transport with excellent trafficability. Strong and powerful rubber tracks are used with track width and height adjustable. This product applies to indoors and complicated ground conditions. Left and right differential speed, sliding and turning; small turning radius; no restriction to working space; the equipment can work freely even in very narrow and limited space. Driven by dual power source: 220/400V power and diesel engine for option.
    Spider Lift enjoys excellent performance, easy to operate and high in efficiency. Advanced design ensures good safety and reliability.
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    mobile spider lift

    hydraulic spider lift
    Platform height max.
    92 ft (28 m)
    Working height max.
    98 ft (30 m)
    Horizontal reach max. (load 200kg)
    39 ft 4 in (12 m)
    Horizontal reach max. (load 80kg)
    45 ft 9 in (14 m)
     Length - stowed
    23 ft 6 in (7.2 m)
     Width - stowed
    5 ft 2 in (1.58 m)
     Height - stowed
    6 ft 5 in (1.98 m)
     Ground clearance
    1 ft (0.31 m)
    Max. ground clearance - outrigger expand
    4 ft 1 in (1.26 m)
    Platform size (L*W*H)
    3 ft 9 in*2 ft 6 in*3 ft 6 in (1.2 m*0.8 m*1.1 m)
    Size of support pedal
    1 ft*7 in (0.31 m*0.22 m)
    Wireless remote control range
    328 ft (100 m)
    Max. platform occupancy
    Lift capacity
    441 lbs (200 kg)
    Drive speed
    0~1.9 mph (0~3 km/h)
    The slope gradient outrigger can support
    Turntable rotation
    Platform rotation
    Flying arm rotation
    Load capacity of each pedal
    32 kn
    Grawler walking on the ground pressure
    4 kn/m^2
    Power source
    Perkins engine
    + 220V/400V
    Hydraulic system capacity
    19.81 gal (75 L)
    Control voltage
    12 VDC
    18.5 KW
    Overall weight
    9921 lbs (4500 kg)
    Standards Compliance

  • 1. Excellent performance: Light weight, small size, excellent adaption to the working site, e.g. field, indoors, outdoors narrow space and special conditions.
    2. Easy operation: 
    328 ft (100 m) wireless remote control, very flexible to operate up and down.
    3. High efficiency: When the product is unfolded, the outriggers level out automatically, reducing preparation time.
    4. Advanced technology: Hydraulic dual-speed drive mode, imported gradual progress control system with proportional joystick, concentric roller telescoping technology.
    5. High reliability: Service life is extended greatly by use of the built-in chain telescoping mechanism and drag chain; the boom is made of high-strength steel and titanium-aluminum alloy; the working funnel is made of aluminum alloy which is light in weight and good in stability.
    6. Good safety: Several sets of emergency system and multiple interlocking protection system ensure the safety of operators.